Detailed review on ClipDrop

Detailed review on ClipDrop. AI service to upcsale images and expand photo borders

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ClipDrop is an AI-based ecosystem of applications, plugins, and resources designed to help creators produce stunning visual images in a matter of seconds. Among its impressive array of tools, the extension stands out as a must-read feature.

ClipDrop Stable doodle offers a range of powerful tools, including Cleanup, which effortlessly removes objects, people, text, and defects from photos. Additionally, Remove Background allows users to extract the main subject from an image with remarkable precision. With Relight, users can alter lighting conditions, while Image Upscaler enlarges images by 2 or 4 times and removes noise. The Text to Image tool generates high-resolution, realistic images using AI, while Replace Background teleports objects to any location through AI. The latest addition, Uncrop, is especially intriguing as it expands photos.

Detailed review on ClipDrop AI 2023

Registering with ClipDrop app

  1. Enter your email, follow the link sent to your inbox, and you’re in.
  2. Click “Sign in with Google” to access your account instantly.

ClipDrop Cost


Some features are restricted, and image extension may take a couple of minutes.


Unlimited editing for $7 per month, a remarkably affordable option compared to other services.

Acquisition by Stability AI

The review will cover the most interesting tools, but for those short on time, I recommend scrolling down to Uncrop, as the rest are somewhat underwhelming.

In March 2023, Stability AI acquired ClipDrop, formerly known as Init ML. This marked the integration of the ClipDrop application as a generative AI tool under Stability AI. The founders of ClipDrop and Init ML now focus on developing ClipDrop as part of Stability AI, along with new products for the company.

Key Features

  1. STABLE DIFFUSION XL: Generate high-resolution, realistic images with AI.
  2. UNCROP: Convert your photos into any image format you desire.
  3. REIMAGINE XL: Produce multiple image variants using Stable Diffusion.
  4. STABLE DOODLE: Instantly transform your doodles into real images.
  5. CLEANUP: Effortlessly remove objects, people, text, and defects from your pictures.
  6. REMOVE BACKGROUND: Extract main subjects from images with incredible accuracy.
  7. RELIGHT: Alter lighting conditions in your images with beautiful effects.
  8. IMAGE UPSCALER: Enlarge images by 2x or 4x with ease while recovering stunning details.
  9. REPLACE BACKGROUND: Teleport objects anywhere with the power of AI.
  10. TEXT REMOVER: Eliminate text from any image seamlessly.

ClipDrop AI is a groundbreaking application that turns ordinary photos into professional visuals, leveraging AI to provide a myriad of creative possibilities for users. The recent acquisition by Stability AI further strengthens its position in the market, and with its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing, ClipDrop has become an essential tool for creators seeking extraordinary image enhancements and transformations.

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