The Best Midjourney Prompts (Big List)

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Not sure how to utilize the AI tool Midjourney to create world-class images? Look no further, as I have the solution for you. In this article, I have curated a collection of the finest Midjourney Ai prompts that will assist you in producing breathtaking paintings and art.

But first, let’s understand what Midjourney Ai is.

Midjourney AI, a pioneering research lab, has developed its own state-of-the-art AI program that generates images based on textual descriptions. Similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, Midjourney possesses its own unique features and capabilities, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI technology and exploring its potential applications in the creative realm.

With the release of their proprietary program, Midjourney is set to revolutionize the field of AI-generated images, opening up new possibilities for artists and designers.

Without further ado, let’s delve into our collection of top Midjourney prompts and embark on a journey of truly remarkable artwork.

The Best Midjourney Prompts
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List of the Best Midjourney Prompts in 2023

I have meticulously compiled a selection of 45 Midjourney Ai prompts from various sources. Feel free to try them out and infuse your own creativity. Enjoy!

Midjourney Image Prompts

  1. “Create a stunning image of a beautiful, pale cyberpunk female with heavy black eyeliner, blue eyes, a shaved side haircut, and hyper-detail. Enhance the scene with cinematic lighting, magical neon elements, and a dark red city backdrop –ar 9:16 –testp –upbeta.”
  2. “Imagine the revival of Earth after human extinction, capturing a new beginning where nature reclaims buildings, showcasing the harmony and balance between the animal kingdom and the peace Earth has achieved –version 3 –s 1250 –uplight –ar 4:3 –no text, blur.”
  3. “Bring to life an ultra-realistic sailing ship in a photograph, illuminated by dramatic lighting during a pale sunrise. Emphasize cinematic lighting effects, showcasing the ship’s battered condition from a low angle. Trending on ArtStation, this 4K masterpiece exhibits hyper-realistic and intricate artwork. Inspired by Studio Ghibli and the intricate works of John William Turner.”
  4. “Capture the ethereal beauty of the Bohemian Waxwing bird (Bombycilla garrulus) in intricate detail. Create a detailed illustration with ornate elements and utilize octane render. Explore the styles of Johanna Rupprecht and William Morris. Trending on ArtStation –ar 9:16.”
  5. “Craft an image depicting a futuristic city skyline at night, highlighting advanced transportation systems and towering skyscrapers. Incorporate elements such as drones, flying cars, and high-speed trains to add dynamism and a sense of technological advancement.”
  6. “Generate an image portraying a post-apocalyptic landscape, where the remnants of human civilization blend with nature. Depict crumbling buildings, overgrown vegetation, and a sense of danger and abandonment.”
  7. “Create a surreal and dreamlike image of a forest, featuring twisted trees, floating islands, and otherworldly creatures. Utilize vibrant colors and an ethereal atmosphere to evoke a sense of mystery and wonder.”
  8. “Bring to life a cyberpunk-inspired metropolis, complete with neon lights, holographic advertisements, and a bustling futuristic ambiance. Integrate augmented reality interfaces, advanced robotics, and cybernetic enhancements to enhance the futuristic feel.”
  9. “Visualize a futuristic space suit with boots, showcasing intricate character design. Use cinematic lighting techniques to create an epic fantasy vibe, ensuring hyper-realistic detail in an 8K format –ar 9:16.”
  10. “Dive into a surreal underwater world, capturing the beauty of strange sea creatures, vibrant coral reefs, and otherworldly landscapes. Infuse the scene with vibrant colors and an ethereal atmosphere to evoke a sense of mystery and wonder.”
  11. “Imagine a post-apocalyptic cityscape with crumbling buildings, overgrown vegetation, and an atmosphere of danger and abandonment. Incorporate advanced robotics, cybernetic enhancements, and futuristic transportation systems to emphasize the theme of a world in decay.”
  12. “Craft an image showcasing a futuristic city skyline at night, characterized by advanced transportation systems, towering skyscrapers, and a palpable sense of rapid technological advancement. Envision a world with drones, flying cars, and high-speed trains.”
  13. “Generate an image featuring a surreal and otherworldly landscape, where twisted trees, floating islands, and fantastical creatures coexist. Utilize vibrant colors and an ethereal atmosphere to spark a sense of mystery and wonder.”
  14. “Create an image of a cyberpunk-inspired metropolis pulsating with neon lights, holographic advertisements, and a vibrant, futuristic ambiance. Infuse elements such as augmented reality interfaces, advanced robotics, and cybernetic enhancements to amplify the cyberpunk aesthetic.”
  15. “Visualize a post-apocalyptic landscape where nature and man-made elements intertwine. Depict crumbling buildings, overgrown vegetation, and remnants of advanced technology, such as robotics and transportation systems, alluding to a world in ruins.”
  16. “Imagine a home constructed within a massive soap bubble, featuring windows, doors, porches, awnings, and situated in the vastness of space. Illuminate the scene with cyberpunk lights, hyper-detail, and stunning 8K HD visuals. Utilize Octane Rendering, Unreal Engine, and V-Ray for a full HD experience –s5000 –uplight –q 3 –stop 80–w 0.5 –ar 1:3.”
  17. “Capture an aerial view of a gigantic fish tank shaped like a tower in the heart of New York City. Utilize Octane Render for a photorealistic 8K image –ar 9:20.”
  18. “Create a high-resolution image of a futuristic city skyline at night, focusing on advanced transportation systems and towering skyscrapers. Ensure a minimum size of 3000×2000 pixels, incorporating details such as reflections and lighting effects to enhance the realism of the scene.”
  19. “Illustrate a mouthwatering ice cream sundae, highlighting its deliciousness and showcasing glistening cherries and marshmallows. Employ Octane Render to capture the intricate details.”
  20. “Visualize an ossuary cemetery with segmented shelves that have become overgrown, evoking a mystical and haunting ambiance. Draw inspiration from artists such as Zdzisław Beksiński and H.R. Giger. Create a high-detail image with a green fog –ar 9:16 –iw 1.”
  21. “Capture a portrait photo of an elderly Asian warrior chief with tribal panther makeup, emphasizing blue on red tones. Present a side profile with a serious gaze, featuring 50mm portrait photography and hard rim lighting –beta –ar 2:3 –upbeta.”
  22. “Bring to life the concept of Rubber Duck Aliens visiting Earth for the first time. Create a hyper-realistic, cinematic, and detailed image –ar 16:9.”
  23. “Visualize a reunion of individuals, teams, or squads in a cyberpunk-inspired abstract setting. Render a full HD image with 3D Octane Render, 4K UHD resolution, immense detail, dramatic lighting, and captivating metallic colors –ar 9:16.”
  24. “Craft an ultra-photorealistic image with a concept art feel, utilizing cinematic lighting and composition techniques. Emphasize the rule of thirds, creating a mysterious and eerie atmosphere with ultra-detailed, hyper-realistic elements. Aim for an 8K resolution and utilize Octane Render.”
  25. “Generate an image inspired by Monet’s Water Lilies, capturing vibrant colors and the interplay of light and color. Ensure a size of at least 4000×2500 pixels, incorporating reflections and ripples in the water to enhance the realism of the scene.”
  26. “Create an AI-generated oil painting portrait, featuring a range of skin tones and realistic textures to convey a sense of humanity. The painting should be at least 3000×2000 pixels, showcasing details such as brushstrokes and layering to mimic the techniques of traditional oil painting.”
  27. “Produce an image in the style of Salvador Dali’s melting clocks, incorporating surreal elements and emphasizing the manipulation of time and space. Opt for a size of at least 4000×2500 pixels, accentuating dynamic lighting and movement to enhance the surreal atmosphere.”
  28. “Craft an AI-generated mixed media painting that combines photography, collage, and painting techniques, resulting in a unique and dynamic image. Ensure a size of at least 3000×2000 pixels, utilizing a range of colors, textures, and techniques to create depth and complexity.”
  29. “Generate an image in the style of Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits, utilizing vibrant colors and focusing on self-expression and identity. Aim for a size of at least 4000×2500 pixels, incorporating brushstrokes and symbols reminiscent of the artist’s style.”
  30. “Explore wildly futuristic clothing with glowing and colorful decorations, envisioning avant-garde fashion that pushes the boundaries of imagination.”
  31. “Visualize a charcuterie board with multicolored alien cheeses, adorned with glowing mold and fungus, creating an otherworldly and tantalizing presentation.”
  32. “Create a breathtaking and detailed concept art painting featuring an art deco pattern. Combine blue flowers with anxious piercing eyes, seamlessly blending elements of flowers and birds. Draw inspiration from artists such as Hsiao-Ron Cheng and John James Audubon. Aim for a highly moody atmosphere, utilizing exquisite detail and extremely moody lighting. Opt for an 8K resolution.”
  33. “Envision a woman wearing a strapless black top, making eye contact with an intense gaze. Capture a full-body pose with arms crossed on her chest, complemented by blonde hair and dark-green eyes. Create an intimate setting with candlelight and evoke the style of an oil painting, emphasizing intricate details and realistic shadows.”
  34. “Create a 3D isometric image of your desired element on a specific base using Cinema 4D. Consider it as a game asset –v 4 -q 2.”
  35. “Design a character known as the Void Arcanist, surrounded by mist and rendered in a photorealistic style. Utilize Octane Render and Unreal Engine to create a hyper-detailed image with volumetric lighting and HDR –ar 9:16.”
  36. “Imagine a minimalist contemporary café with a large round Zen window offering a breathtaking view of a starry nebula. Focus on interior environment design, incorporating contemporary furniture, candlelight, and utilizing Octane Render for an 8K Arch Viz experience. Embrace a modern and space opera aesthetic with ray tracing and medium format visuals.”
  37. “Explore the artistry of Ish Zeus, a concept artist known for colorful and psychedelic works. Emphasize smooth and sharply focused images, drawing inspiration from artists such as Artgerm, Tomasz Alen Kopera, Peter Mohrbacher, Donato Giancola, and Joseph Christian Ley.”
  38. “Visualize a Twitter data center, capturing the technological infrastructure and the essence of a digital ecosystem.”
  39. “Capture a close-up portrait of a 62-year-old tough decorated general, clean-shaven and projecting a serious and stoic cinematic presence. Utilize 4K photography with detailed bokeh, evoking a dark and moody atmosphere. Opt for an aspect ratio of 17:22 –beta –upbeta.”
  40. “Envision intricate ink illustrations depicting swirls, fog, phantoms, ghosts, dogs with glowing eyes, bright silver elements, smoke, shine, and spheres. Utilize black paper with dark grey, dark blue, neon, baroque, rococo, white, and ink accents. Incorporate a tarot card with an ornate border frame, drawing inspiration from artists such as Sébastien Mitton, Viktor Antonov, and Sergey Kolesov. Aim for detailed and intricate illustrations that exude magic and glow –ar 63:88.”
  41. “Bring to life the iconic Tyriel Archangel, a king shaman, and an avatar adorned with swords and angel wings. Create a stunning wallpaper in 4K resolution, utilizing the Unreal Engine.”
  42. “Imagine Joe Biden sitting on a throne made of classified documents, laughing with a menacing demeanor.”
  43. “Capture the whimsical sight of a cat swimming in an aquarium, combining the contrasting elements of a land creature in a watery environment.”
  44. “Visualize a real photo of a perfect modern bedroom, featuring elegant bedding and furnishings. Embrace yellow and sea blues as deep colors, complemented by lamps and flowers in vases. Capture the interior design photography with volumetric lighting.
  45. “Create an image of a futuristic underwater civilization, featuring sprawling underwater cities, vibrant marine life, and advanced technology. Incorporate elements such as transparent domes, bioluminescent plants, and futuristic transportation systems. Capture the beauty and mystery of the underwater world with intricate details, realistic lighting, and a sense of awe. Aim for a resolution of at least 4K and an aspect ratio of 16:9.”

“These prompts cover a range of themes and styles, giving you a diverse array of ideas to explore with Midjourney Ai. Happy creating!

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