Top Parameters for Midjourney Prompts in 2023

Top Parameters for Midjourney Prompts in 2023

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If you’re delving into the realm of AI-generated artistic creations with Midjourney, this list contains descriptions of parameters for making correct prompts:

Top Parameters for Midjourney Prompts in 2023
Test Model (--test)
  • Explore the new general-purpose artistic test mode. You can receive two square aspect ratio images or one with a non-square aspect ratio.
Photo-realism (--testp): 
  • Engage the photo-realism test mode for lifelike results. Obtain two square aspect ratio images or one with a non-square aspect ratio.
Image Weight (--iw)
  • Specify the image weight (default is 0.25). Midjourney supports a single image weight parameter, and at least one image prompt is required.
Algorithm Version (--v)
  • Select the version of the Midjourney engine. Older versions result in more distorted faces, scenes, and creatures, and generally produce more abstract outcomes.
Quality (--q)
  • Control the thinking time and image cost. Supported values are 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, and 5, allowing you to adjust the level of detail in the results.
Stylize (--s)
  • Adjust stylization strength. Choose from values like 625 (turned off), 1250 (recommended for experienced users), 2500 (default), or 20000+ for a powerful stylization effect.
Chaos (--chaos)
  • Determine the level of abstraction. From 0 (default for a literal prompt) to 100 (maximum for total chaos).
Stop (--stop)
  • Control the rendering process’s duration. Use lower percentages to avoid excessive detail, or set it to 100% for regular completion.
Light Upscaler (--uplight)
  • Get results closer to the original image by using an upscaler that adds fewer details.
Beta Upscaler (--upbeta)
  • Experience clean, smooth, and subtle high-resolution upscaling with this mode, particularly useful in “relax” mode.
Save a Progress Video (--video)
  • React with to receive the video link, capturing the progress of your creation.
Random Seed (--seed)
  • React with ✉️ (envelope) to obtain the seed from a previous image. Use it here to set the pseudo-random noise during the generation’s initialization.
Creative Mode (--creative)
  • Unleash more creativity and often more chaos in the results.
Seamless Texture (--tile)
  • Create tileable textures that blend seamlessly when placed side by side, making it ideal for patterns and repetitions.

Image Size Aspect Ratios:

  • 16:9 (–ar 16:9): Standard ratio for film and display today.
  • 9:16 (–ar 9:16): Mobile-first aspect ratio for platforms like Instagram Stories or Snapchat.
  • 10:16 (–ar 10:16): Midjourney community favorite for portraits.
  • 4:3 (–ar 4:3): Aspect ratio for 35mm celluloid film, TVs, and monitors.
  • 4:5 (–ar 4:5): Popular Instagram portrait ratio.
  • 2:1 (–ar 2:1): The Univisium ratio, a compromise between cinema and TV screens, now widely used in video streaming.

Embrace the versatility of Midjourney and experiment with these parameters to unlock the full potential of your AI artistic endeavors. Happy creating!

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